Successful migration to Business Central

Our digital journey continues. After intensive project work, our "Digital Team" mastered the migration from an on-premise ERP solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in-house. Not only did we migrate the "old system" to a new system provider and a new technology, we also improved our processes with independently developed extensions. This is an essential step in the direction of our IoT/KI vision.

Microsoft Partner
12. December 2018

IBO becomes a Microsoft Partner to develop and build its own digital solutions. This is part of the business transformation by digitizing all phases of the product development process.

Expansion of production capacity
05. November 2018

Based on our own interface development between machine table and clamping device, we were able to expand the maximum grinding machining possibilities machine-specifically. This results in new opportunities for our customers in the implementation of the tasks assigned to us.

Server Migration
01. October 2018

Expansion of server migration with new technologies to increase the opportunities for collaboration with customers, suppliers and between our employees.

Gear measuring software GearEvolute from Zeiss
20. August 2018

By investing in the gear measuring software GearEvolute from Zeiss and an associated in-house training, we are now able to measure internal and external gears up to a pitch circle diameter of 1100mm. The measurement and evaluation can be done based on all common gearing standards or according to customer specifications.

Extended performance range up to 1,200 mm outside diameter
10. July 2018

Due to a machine-specific investment in our clamping technology, we are now able to offer grinding operations in combination with turning and drilling operations up to a diameter of 1,200mm.

We are EN 9100:2016 certified.
26. June 2018

We have successfully certified our quality management system in accordance with EN 9100: 2016, meeting the requirements of aerospace and defense industries. The certificate (EN 9100:2016, ISO 9001:2015) covers the development, manufacturing and the sales of rotationally symmetrical machine elements and assemblies. Learn more.

IBO Offsite in the Bayerischer Wald
22. June 2018

On June 22nd and 23rd we were together on an offsite in the beautiful Bayerischer Wald in Grafenau. On Friday we worked together with a professional coach topics around the IBO values "together", "forward", "μ" and "consciously". Saturday was the sign of the movement. After a hearty breakfast, we hiked over the Tierfreigelände to the treetop path in Grafenau. At dizzying heights, we were able to enjoy a kilometer-long view and, incidentally, learned a lot about the forest. In the following weeks, the topics developed on Friday were successfully implemented in the company.

Bachelor Thesis.
26. January 2018

Mathias – intern, student and finally Bachelorand at the IBO – successfully defends his bachelor thesis supervised jointly by the IBO and the University of Munich with the title „Functional quality assurance through applied expert knowledge in the form and position tolerance on the example of rolling bearing technology.“

Monthly Onboarding.
19. January 2018

Integration of all participants is the prerequisite for a successful and satisfying cooperation of a team. Only if everyone knows where to go, how and with which the path is taken, everyone can contribute to it. As a business grows, informal communication reaches its limits. Structures have to be created so that nobody feels detached. For this reason, every third Friday of every month an onboarding about the current development of the three central topics „Strategy“, „Quality Management“ and „Performance Program“ takes place.

02. January 2018

The IBO launches its three-year Health Safety Environment (HSE) program. In 2018, the focus will be on „health“. The kick-off event is a one-day accident-scene course for the entire IBO team – just in case it’s important to make sure everyone knows how and where to do it, and where not. Thus, all employees who have participated are now first responders.

IBO receives a grant for a new research project.
22. December 2017

The IBO receives the grant decision of the BMWi for a new research project as part of the program „Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM)“. Together with its two cooperation partners – the Leibniz Institute for Material-Oriented Technologies IWT Bremen and the Bremen Institute for Applied Beam Technology BIAS – the IBO is researching innovative materials and production processes for rolling bearing production over the next 24 months. BIAS IWT

IBO thinks digitally.
15. September 2017

The company links the ERP-CAD-CAM-CNC-ERP chain. Solutions that have been developed are converted into models and incorporated into the further processes. The result is the mechanical twin from the first virtual tested digital twin.

The IBO GmbH is on the road to success – with a strong team!
01. August 2017

The departments have been strengthened and we still have vacancies. Take a look at our career area (

IBO thinks multidimensional.
30. June 2017

The company has invested in the complete machining of workpieces. We can grind, turn, mill and interlock in a single setup – and this with a lot size of 1.

Zeiss Accura II 3D coordinate measuring machine.
01. March 2017

Following successful completion of the training programs of the responsible colleagues, the IBO will commission the Zeiss Accura II 3D coordinate measuring machine in its new, 100 m² air-conditioned measuring room.

Quality from the beginning.
02. February 2017

IBO becomes certified as training enterprise by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

IBO celebrates its first summer festival.
22. July 2016

On this occasion the new IBO logo goes live, and the starting shot of the introduction of the IBO Corporate Identity Strategy is fired.

The head is round so that thinking can change direction.
07. July 2016

This only works when there is free space and free time. For that IBO has a Non-Operations-Day, which allows time for new things every two months.

The IBO workshop gets a functional facelift and a gleaming new look.
01. April 2016

The quality assurance area is configured as a 130 sqm system room with a complete enclosure. All quality checks, customer and work inspections are carried out here.

New shareholder circle.
30. October 2015

The shareholder group is reconfigured according to leadership responsibilities for operative business and strategic further development. The IBO Management Team, Daniel Lemberger, Florian Lemberger und Steffen Victor, takes over full responsibility at shareholder level in equal parts.

Positive Balance.
31. December 2014

A year of numerous audits ends successfully with a lot of positive feedback, helpful suggestions for improvement and optimisation, exciting approaches for common projects and concrete orders placed.

First major research and development program completed.
03. March 2014

After just one and a half years of the project running, the first great IBO research and development programme is successfully completed. In the framework of the ZIM project promoted by the Federal Ministry for Business and Energy, new material-coating combinations were developed and evaluated in respect of manufacturing requirements, suitability for application and benefits of use.

What belongs together will come together.
01. November 2013

Development, construction, sales, fitting and quality assurance are finally united at the site in Kirchheim. With the extension of the office space bound up with that, the foundation stone for further growth is laid and space for new colleagues created.

Registered trademarks.
28. February 2012

Along with the brand IBO, now the brands of our own products DRK, ARL and FX are registered and protected.

More space, more colleagues more geographic proximity.
03. November 2011

Fitting and goods logistics move from Pegnitz to Kirchheim near Munich and increase to 900 sqm. The team moves into double figures and the colleagues work only a stone‘s throw apart. The transformation for more and more real net output ratio is started.

Steffen Victor becomes managing director.
13. September 2011


Initial spark for the development of new business areas.
02. August 2010

The first big development project is the spark for adding new fields of business. That is the starting shot for the new strategic direction of IBO as a skilled partner for its clients: assemblies, coatings, lubrication concepts, new materials and material combinations.

The system landscape is in place.
01. October 2009

With “mesys“ calculation and simulation software, the last piece of the IT puzzle falls into place. The change from a dealer to a specialist for engineering, design and manufacture of rotation symmetric parts is now complete.

The future leadership team of IBO is formed.
02. March 2009

Florian Lemberger joins his brother Daniel Lemberger and Steffen Victor– the future leadership team of IBO is formed. All fields of expertise needed for sustainable success is now in place: Engineering, Quality management and Process Steering, Finance and Company Leadership.

The first accommodation changes are complete.
01. October 2008

With moving into 180 sq.m of office space in Ismaning, the foundation stone is laid for our further growth. Fitting and goods logistics are run immediately under our own guidance from 300 sq. m of logistics space in Pegnitz..