IBO procurement management contributes significant added value to our company- high-performance suppliers contribute crucially to our added value and further development through efficiency, quality, interdisciplinary open communication, innovation and continuity.

With close, interwoven and partnership-based collaboration, we meet the challenges of a continuously higher number of variants, an ongoing technological revolution, globalisation of value-added chains and an increasing shortening of development time together.

Our service offers for you:

We are always looking for highly capable and innovative companies, who want to be part of our supplier network in the following services/fields:

Raw material

  • Steel, rolled rings
  • Aluminium-wrought alloys, rolled rings
  • Steel tubes
  • Sheets and plates
  • Copper-wrought alloys
  • Plastic


  • Rolling elements
  • Cages, cage parts
  • Intermediate parts
  • Seals
  • Connection elements
  • Sensores
  • Wrought parts, processed
  • Cast parts, processed
  • Lubricants
  • Anti-rust agents
  • Other standard and purchased part´s

Manufactoring technology

  • Mechanical processing
  • Heat treatments
  • Surface technology (Galvanising-processes, thermal spraying, paints)


  • Machining tools
  • Hand Tools

Tools and auxiliary materials

  • Energy
  • Lubricants
  • Cleaning and maintenance materials
  • Anti-rust agents
  • Packing material (wood, cardboard, synthetic material, metal)
  • Work protection
  • Office materials


  • Maintenance services (cleaning, rubbish removal, repairs, electronics etc.)
  • Logistics services
  • Other ancillary services (ICT, personnel, consultation, security, insurance)

Machines, appliances, operations equipment

Would you like to use you and our strengths together?  We would be pleased to get to know you and your company. As a first step, we would ask you to fill in our Supplier Self Assessment and send it to lieferanten@e-ibo.de .Further information: Downloads.