Like the applications themselves, the requirements of bearings are varied. There is no “one“ bearing that can be the solution to every application case. The increasing variety of products and new technologies and the adoption of additional functions often make application specific solutions with extended performance capability imperative – technically and economically. Solutions can be derived from tried and tested designs in operation and validated with the aid of data obtained via specific calculation programs.

Complex and new applications require determined development work with appropriate test apparatus, simulations, investigations and calculations. We will support you in both cases – modifications and new developments – ask us! Below you will see some selected examples of IBO solutions which have proven themselves in their respective applications.



Robotics and automation technology has had an exponential growth in use in a large number of value adding processes.


Printing machines

IBO solutions are predestined for this application – from the printer roller bearings to the gripper shaft control.


Metal processing

The range of bearing designs used in metal production and processing is varied. IBO secures the serviceability of your appliances.



IBO is the development Partner and series supplier for specific system Solutions for OEMs and component suppliers.


Paper machines

IBO supplies roller bearings in the specific designs for maintenance and develops reliable drive solutions to increase production speeds.


Raw material extraction

The extraction and processing of raw materials is going through a technological change. IBO roller bearings are contributing to the technological progress.


Tooling machines

Leading manufacturers of tooling machines count on IBO roller bearings in rotary table, shaft or flywheel bearings.


More light weight construction areas

IBO has great experience in development and serial supply of bespoke system solutions for the most complex of applications.