German printing machines guarantee quality, precision and reliability. Highly precise, low-friction and firm print roller bearings are a significant factor in reliable, razor-sharp printed Images. IBO solutions are predestined for this application – from the printer roller bearings to the gripper shaft control. The product range extends from client-specific roller bearings and bearing parts, through track and yoke type rollers up to complete bearing units. Bearings with increased performance and durability derive from the direct exchange of application and construction expertise.


Print roller bearing with high-precision double-row IBO cylindrical roller bearing of the NNU design and high-precision double direction axial-cylindrical roller bearing with outer centering.

High precision, double row IBO cylindrical roller bearing in NNU design
High-precision, double-row IBO cylindrical roller bearing in NNU design
High precision, double acting axial cylindrical roller bearing with outer centering
High-precision, double-acting axial cylindrical roller bearing with outer centering

In the design of the main bearing of print rollers we are challenged by the following requirements:

  • Very high radial running precision
  • Very high axial running precision
  • Very high rigidity
  • Very high bearing capacity

It is important in a series delivery that the spread of actual values is in a narrow range. This clearly reduces the expense in adjusting the pre-load during Fitting.

IBO cylindrical roller bearings and axial bearing washers meet these requirements. It is very helpful if our IBO team is involved right from the development Phase.

Further examples of IBO bearing solutions used in printing machines:

Photo of an IBO Yoke Type Track Roller with increased load bearing capacity
Yoke type track rollers with increased load bearing capacity
Photo of an IBO Printing machine bearing unit
Printing machine bearing unit
Photo of an IBO Precise bearing part
Precise bearing parts


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