Rotary table bearings are high-precision construction components for combined loads. They absorb radial loads, axial loads in two directions and tipping moments without clearance. The connection to the adjacent construction is easy to install with bolts. Fixing holes are provided for this in the bearing disc. After fitting, the components are pre-loaded axially and radially. Fixing bolts secure the components for transport and safe handling.

We manufacture IBO rotary table bearings as axial radial roller bearings or as sealed double-row axial angular contact ball bearing. The axial radial roller bearings of the ARL series are distinguished by high load capacity and rigidity as well as by a low and steady frictional torque. The ASKL2W axial angular contact ball bearings are suited in particular to dynamic demands with high rotational speeds and long operational times due to their ball bearing design.

Photo of an ARL® – Axial radial roller bearing
ARL® – Axial-radial-roller bearing, three-rows
Photo of an IBO axial radial roller bearing with high speed capility
ARL - D - Axial-radial-roller bearing with high speed capility
Photo of an ASKLZF Axial tapered roller bearing with two ball races
ASKLZF – Axial-tapered roller bearing with two ball races

IBO overview of rotary table bearings: Scope of application

We are continuing to develop and manufacture bespoke solutions for turntable bearings for our clients in respect of installation space and performance capability.

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