Multifunctional technical solutions are our mission. We want to help our clients to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow in an interdisciplinary and intelligent way. In this, optimised solutions cannot be dependent on production numbers.


Professionalism, competence, responsibility, openness, continuity and opportunity orientation – we are 100% committed to this. Our certified quality management system is what we base this on. It supports us in planning, directing, checking, evaluating and improving. All our processes are continually monitored via a system of indicators, in respect of which risks are evaluated, compared with agreed targets and analysed in respect of any deviations. The IBO Stakeholder approach defines the targets in this.

Photo of the IBO COO Daniel Lemberger

Daniel Lemberger


Tel.: +49-89-991557-0

Daniel Lemberger COO/shareholder

Photo of the IBO CTO Florian Lemberger

Florian Lemberger


Tel.: +49-89-991557-0

Florian Lemberger CTO/shareholder

Photo of the IBO CEO Steffen Victor

Steffen Victor


Tel.: +49-89-991557-0

Steffen Victor CEO/shareholder

Expertise Daniel Lemberger

Prior to his career at IBO GmbH, the graduate in business administration worked as a project manager at Roland Berger. There he advised a large number of national and international industrial companies. Daniel Lemberger is responsible for process and quality management at the IBO.

Expertise Florian Lemberger

The graduate mechanical engineer gained many years of experience as a project manager in the automotive industry. In 2009, he took over responsibility for the technical development of the company at IBO and, together with his team, launched numerous exciting projects.

Expertise Steffen Victor

Prior to his role as Managing Director of IBO GmbH, the graduate in business management worked for Roland Berger and BP throughout Europe. In strategic consulting, he gained extensive experience in realigning organizational units. At BP, he was responsible for the optimization of operational processes and workflows.


Professionalism, discipline, goal orientation, structure, fairness, curiosity and trust - these are the distinguishing features of the IBO team.

Franziska Fischer

Business Development Specialist

Tel.: +49-89-991557-24

Franziska Fischer Business Development Specialist

Ulrike Orellana

Human Ressources & Culture Specialist

Tel.: +49-89-991557-16

Ulrike Orellana Human Ressources & Culture Specialist

Steven Pannell

Chief Digital Officer

Tel.: +49-89-991557-0

Steven Pannell Chief Digital Officer