We are extending the limits! New-style, light and individually tailored compact solutions for rotating applications in transferring axial, radial and tipping moments are available via our raceway systems. This also applies to small batch sizes and the project business because of the special mechanical manufacture of the raceways.

The raceway rings serve as a bespoke rolling surface for the rolling elements. There is no immediate contact between the rollers and the fixed or moved part of the roller bearing. Thus, new possibilities emerge for the enclosing components and for the whole system there is a bandwidth of material combinations and cross-section optimisations. The low friction and high load capacity lead to a longer life expectancy and lower energy consumption.


Other configuration possibilities

  • Segmented or splitted design for easy fitting/removal
  • Gearing (interior and exterior)
  • Multiple design forms for the different bearing parts – from weight reducing openings to new forms like cuboids
  • Integration of sensor and electro-technology
  • Seals
  • Lubricants
  • Coatings

Manufacture sizes

Beginning with an external diameter of 200 mm up to the largest dimensions of 2,500 mm

Rolling elements

Cylindrical rollers, Balls

Materials of rings and gearing

Aluminium, carbon, synthetic material,corrosion resistant steel, roller bearing steel, special steels

Raceway materials

Corrosion resistant steel, roller bearing steel, special steels

Rolling elements materials

Corrosion resistant steel, roller bearing steel, ceramic

Cage materials

Synthetic material, brass, sheet steel

Connection with adjacent construction

Screw Connection